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Shop Customization

There are 2 easy ways to customize your VERY own shop:
1) Using ready-to-use skins.

Step 1. Choose one of nine attractive skins for your shop, go to (XXX represents a number between 1 and 9)

Step 2. Replace XXX in with the skin number of your choice, and download the zip-archive.

Step 3. Unpack the zip-archive and change the number of a current skin to the selected one in pl_config.php file :
$tpl_num = 6; // Template number

2) Creating your own design
You can use our templates to create your VERY own design.

Step 1. Create a new template number in pl_config.php configuration file.
Example: $tpl_num = 40;

Step 2. Create new template files (Example: header_40.tpl, menu_top_40.tpl, footer_40.tpl, card_info_40.tpl) in shop_templates folder

Step 3. Create new graphics and styles for your templates. We recommend that you follow a standard process: in tplg directory create a new subdirectory with your template number and put all files into it.

Notes: You will find all necessary templates in shop-templates folder. Template number can be easily changed in pl_config.php configuration file;
Your Pushline shop ( must have the same design as your VERY own shop. To do so, go to “My Account” on, select a shop you would like to customize, click Customize and follow Pushline shop customization instructions.

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Here you can view an example of the functioning remote shop

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